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  • Weeding Bar Hire
    16/04/2018 - Cocktails and Bar Events 0 Comments
    Hire wedding bar- for making your big day special and unforgettable

    Wedding is one of the most special days in life for which both the bride and the groom have lots of expectation. It is the auspicious day when two different individuals take an oath to lead their life together. Unquestionably, this day should be celebrated with extravagance and grandeur.

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    12/04/2018 - COCKTAILS AND BAR EVENTS 0 Comments
    A private bartender- a professional to be hired for making party more rocking

    Celebration, party, fun-all have become the part of the lives of modern individuals. Especially, the young generation is eager to celebrate their special events with rocking cocktail party. It has become a trend to throw cocktail parties for marriage ceremony, birthday, marriage anniversary and so on. Also, nowadays, it is a trend to celebrate bachelor party and hen party

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  • hire a barman in london
    24/03/2018 - COCKTAILS AND BAR EVENTS 0 Comments
    Key things to check while hiring a barman in London

    Is your birthday party coming soon? Are you thinking to make more fun and more enjoyment? Then, definitely, you are thinking to arrange a special cocktail party to celebrate the evening. Arranging a cocktail party is not only a difficult matter but also it needs proper planning. Without proper planning, you can’t arrange a party within a day. Choosing a perfect venue, inviting the friends, buying necessary things- there are a lot of things that you need to do

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  • hire a professional barman london
    21/03/2018 - COCKTAILS AND BAR EVENTS 0 Comments
    Reasons to Hire a Professional Barman in London

    Whenever it comes to the selection of anyone for the purpose of something important and sophisticated, it is important that you always give preference to the professionals. For the purpose of hiring a barman for a party, it is important that you give preference to the professional.Lots of parties occur every day in London. To handle the party, lots of barmen are hired every day by the people of London. But, you should always choose the professional company to hire a barman in London. Only they possess the required talent and skill to make your party a memorable one.

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    24/02/2018 - COCKTAILS AND BAR EVENTS 0 Comments
    Cocktail making on a hen weekend London with the expert mixologist

    It’s a very common knowledge that girls like to shake things up on a hen weekend and that is the main reason cocktail making is such a fun activity for the special celebration. You just have to get together with your favorite friends for a weekend of fun and you will delight in this fantastic session where you will be also learning some fabulous drinks being made.

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  • private bartender in london
    22/02/2018 - COCKTAILS AND BAR EVENTS 0 Comments
    Private Bartender in London- to be hired for a rocking party

    If you are thinking to arrange a corporate party, it is the time to hire a private bartender. In the modern days, private bartenders are hired in London to make the party a rocking one. People organize party to celebrate their special moments. Therefore, it should be arranged with proper attention.

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  • Private Bartender in London
    19/02/2018 - COCKTAILS AND BAR EVENTS 0 Comments
    Private Bartender in London- to be hired for a rocking party

    If you are thinking to arrange a corporate party, it is the time to hire a private bartender. In the modern days, private bartenders are hired in London to make the party a rocking one. People organize party to celebrate their special moments. Therefore, it should be arranged with proper attention. As it is the matter related to serving the guests, no one wants to make a compromise with it. Hence, to add a perfect rocking mood in the party, individuals hire bartenders.

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    16/02/2018 - COCKTAILS AND BAR EVENTS 0 Comments

    In the modern days, people cannot think of a party without the rich and exotic aroma of the cocktail. It may be the wedding ceremony, a birthday party or anniversary occasion, the cocktail will enhance the rocking of the party. The authentic taste of cocktails makes the people enjoy a heavenly feeling. Therefore, the cocktail has become the pivotal part of any party.

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  • mobile bar hire london
    12/02/2018 - Cocktails And Bar Events 0 Comments

    If you are planning for an occasion or special celebration then you must ensure that there should be proper arrangements for your guest. In that case or scenario a mobile bar hire in London will be the best option for you to entertain your guest and providing them the drinks on their demand. Occasions and events don't occur every day it just occurs sometimes to rejoice the best moments of your life. There are several benefits of mobile bar hire as it can provide your guest the easiest mode of refreshment at an affordable rate. There are several benefits of mobile bar hire in London. So let's explore some of the benefits of mobile bars in your memorable occasion.

    • Drinks on demand:
    One of the biggest benefits of mobile bar is that it can refresh your guest with the drinks they want. These types of bars removes the chances of confusion and the guest can enjoy the drink which they want without any confusion or shortage. You have the chance on your hand to entertain or satisfy the demand of the guest as per their preferences and requirement.

    • Cost effective:
    Arranging for a normal bar along with a bar tender can cost you very dearly. As you cannot stock all the drinks in the static bar. It becomes tougher on your part to arrange for all the different types of drinks for different types of guest that have arrived in your party. So in that scenario a mobile bar can prove to be an effective choice as you can stack all sorts of drinks to provide your guest at a single time and by avoiding the recurring investment.

    • Hassle Free:
    A mobile bar is a hassle free mode of stacking your drinks. As it will allow you to enjoy the party along with your guest in a hassle free manner. So, if you want to stay stress free in the memorable day of your life then mobile bar is the best option for you to provide your guest with all sorts of drinks they require. It may be soft drinks, cocktail, or any other fusion that can entice the mood of your guest.

    So from the above discussion it has become clear that why you need the assistance of a mobile bar hire in London. In that case the services of Cocktails and Bar Events can be of great help for you for arranging these types of bar and providing quality services to your guest. Since 2013 they are one of the best in this business. To know more about their services you can visit their website

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    05/02/2018 - Cocktails And Bar Events 0 Comments

    The importance of a private bartender is known to most of the event organizers now a day. The people of London are also familiar with the service of professional bartenders and aware of their necessity. Most of the event arrangers are expressing their keenness to hire a private bartender at London to turn their event into a grand success. The demand of the professionals is also highly increasing day by day. Scroll down to know about the advantages of hiring a professional bartender.

    Learn the necessity of hiring a professional bartender
    Hiring an unprofessional person for such an important role at any event means retaining risk at your own shoulder. However, there are several advantages of hiring a professional. Some of them are briefly evaluated below: • Trained bartenders are well aware of several types of mixings and solutions. It won’t be harder for them to prepare a drink within a fraction.
    • Professionals can also notify if any changes are required in any mixing. Faulty solutions can be the reason of dissatisfaction of the guests.

    • Expert bartenders are well-mannered enough to greet the invited guests in a polite manner. It is necessary to gain a better amount of satisfaction.
    • They are well aware of the proper arrangement of necessary equipment such as bottles, drinks, snacks which is necessary for the drinking zone.
    • Trained bartenders are available at your service 24/7. They can present themselves at your service just after a single call from your number. However, it is not harder anymore to hire a private bartender at London within a considerable budget. Scroll down to get connected with a service provider.

    Be in touch with a genuine service provider
    The name of ‘Cocktails and Bar Events’ can easily be mentioned among lots of similar service providers. Knowingly, they provide trained tenders at a very reasonable price and also provide services out of London. To know more about them or to hire a private bartender at London, kindly visit their official website You may also go through other similar articles on the internet to gain more information in this regard.

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  • Private Barman Hire London
    01/02/2018 - Cocktails and Bar Events 0 Comments
    Here’s what you need to know before hiring a Private Barman in London

    Are you making a plan of arranging a private cocktail party? If yes then instead of preparing the cocktail by yourself at the party, you can consider choosing a private barman for the same. There are a lot of event bartenders in London who provide mobile bar services for the special occasions.

    Whether it is a small celebration with the friends or a big event like a wedding, mobile bartenders can help you in managing your cocktail party for any of these events. However, below are some of the important things you need to know before you go and hire a private barman in London for your event.

    Important Things to consider before hiring a Private Barman
    First of all, you need to calculate the amount of raw materials that are going to require for preparing the cocktail at the party. Proper calculation is very important so that you do not have to face any shortage issues later at the party. For this, you should make a rough calculation of the guests to arrange everything accordingly.
    Secondly, you should only hire the bartenders from the renowned companies. It will give you an assurance of both the quality and reliability of the service.

    Thirdly, most of the reputed companies offer different packages so that one can choose the right package as per their requirement. Thus, before choosing a particular package, you should properly check which things are included in it and which are not.

    Hiring a Private Barman for your Special Event
    Cocktails and Bar Events is one of the renowned companies from where you can hire a private barman in London for your occasion. You can contact them through the website They provide mobile bartenders who are specialized in cocktail mixology. They also offer different packages. Browse their website to know about their services in details.

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  • Mobile Bar Hire London
    30/01/2018 - Cocktails and Bar Events 0 Comments
    Looking for a Cocktail Bartender in London - Here’s all you need to know

    So, are you going to arrange a party for your birthday or marriage ceremony? Have you thought of hiring a barman? If yes, then it sounds really great. Nowadays, it has become a modern trend in London to hire a professional bartender for add a rocking mood to their party. Hiring a bartender not only helps you to enjoy the party with a relaxed mind but also makes your guests impressed upon you. It will also enable you to experience an unforgettable party with the help expert bartenders. But, if you are planning to hire a cocktail bartender in London, you should check some of the parameters. As arranging a party is nothing but a great deal, you need to check each and every detail before the party. So, let’s go through the next part of this article to know about clearly in this context.

    What should you check at the time of hiring a bartender?To get the worth of your investment, you should check the following parameters.Experience matters the most :Experience is such an important aspect which makes a person more perfect in the certain field. It also happens to a bartender. The work of a barman is to prepare and serve drinks and beverages to the guests. An experienced barman knows well about the manners and style of serving the cocktail. Not only that but also they know how to make you relish the real essence of alcohol. If you don’t want to make any compromise with the party, then you should ask about the experience to the bartender while hiring him or her.
    Availability and eager to travel :
    While hiring a bartender for your next party, it is the most important for you to know that whether the bartender is ready for providing mobile service or not. It may happen that you are interested to arrange a beach party. Then, it is necessary for you to make the prospective bartender know about your need. If he or she agrees, then you can hire otherwise not. It will make you sure about the service of the barman.

    Contact the renowned bartender Cocktails and Bar Events is the best company to contact for the purpose of hiring a cocktail bartender in London. As they have experience in this field for 7 years, they know how to deal with the needs of their clients. You can hire them for any of your special occasions. They are just ready to serve you at the competitive prices. To contact them, you need to visit their website So, let’s cheer up your upcoming cocktail party with their expert mixologists.

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  • private barman hire london
    07/01/2018 - Cocktails and Bar Events 0 Comments
    Private barman- an expert to be hired for making an event unforgettable

    Are you making a plan to organize a rocking cocktail party for celebrating your birthday? Have you yet planned to hire a private barman? If no, then think about it now as it is the right time for planning. Arranging a party is undoubtedly a great deal for which you need to think a lot. Not only that but also a simple mistake may damage everything. Along with that, it is also the matter of prestige for that you need not make any compromise. Therefore, now start thinking in an innovative way.In these days, it has become a trend to hire private barman in London for any of your parties. It can be a birthday party, or it can be a wedding party- a bartender is there to serve you the best. Do you want to know why hiring a bartender is necessary? Well, read the below pages of this article to know more about it.

    Why to hire a barman?
    All of you know that making a cocktail is a complicated procedure for a completely inexperienced guy. Therefore, you need to seek help from the professionals to get it done perfectly. A bartender is a professional whose job is to mix cocktail and serve it with maintaining proper style and etiquette. So, it will obviously impress your guests and make them feel special.
    A barman enables you to enjoy the party in a relaxed way. An expert bartender knows about how to take care of the guests. So, you need to not be worried while hiring them.

    Another important benefit of hiring a bartender is the bartender provides everything that you need to arrange a cocktail party. Not only that but also a bartender helps you to clean the whole area after the party.So, now you can understand the necessities of hiring a private bartender. But, are you thinking that from where you can find a reliable bartender? Well, scroll down the last part of this article.

    Who to contact?
    Cocktails and Bar Events is providing services for your special events. They have been serving their customers for over 7 years. You can hire their experienced mixologists and bartenders as they are able to provide you the best entertainment. To hire private barman in London, you need to log on to their official website Then, make your event a memorable one with their expert bartenders.

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    14/11/2017 - Cocktails and Bar Events 0 Comments

    Generally, people use to hire the private bartender for any planned party or event to take care of the bar and beverages, so that they can enjoy the party with their close family members and friends. In order to fulfill the requirements you do have, you need to loWhile you are going to hire a private bartender, you are actually removing a lot of stress and free yourself up to enjoy your next function. There are a lot of companies that will do as much or as little as you are in need have to succeed your planned event or party. You just need to be in touch with a reputable company for the service.You have to let them know about the requirements you do have and they will work with you prior to your event to ensure that they are capable to meet with your needs in a proper way without making you feel worried of. Whether you are having a Graduation, business party, birthday party, wedding, bar/bat mitzvah, grand opening, you have to trust and hire a private bartender for the party.ok at the private bartending options available for events, private parties to enormous public events.

    Few things you can take care of by your own
    You can set up your bar (s) where you need them in a clean and organized manner.
    You need to hire a private bartender who will be professional in demeanor and experienced with your type of event.

    Supply all wine openers and other required bar tools as well as equipment rental on the time those are requested.
    You have to supply full liquor liability coverage if they do not sell and supply alcohol.

    Hiring a professional bartender and mixologist is never an easy task to execute in a proper way. You need to get a brief job done on the internet to search the service provider out that has the potential to meet with your entire requirements in a proper way. Those who are looking for the professionals to be in touch with them, they can choose Cocktails And Bar Events in the United Kingdom.You can use this website link to attain all the information you need to know about them and the quality of service they use offer and provide with their potential experts. Choose them and make the party or event successful without facing much trouble.

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  • Hire a Professional Bartender for your private Party
    13/11/2017 - Cocktails and Bar Events 0 Comments
    Reasons that will make You Hire a Barman for Your Next Party

    During the rush hour of arranging a big event, people often forget about the drinks server. Maybe the reason for such ignorance is because people do not take it as an important aspect of the party. “Why to involve an additional expenditure when guests can serve drinks for themselves?”

    Well, my friend, you will be amazed to know that many people have ruined their party which had the potential to become the best because of making such decisions. The reality is, having a professional behind the bar is actually a cost-effective step. Also, when you hire a barman for the party, there is one less thing for you to worry about.

    You can become the part of the party rather than just being a host which is obviously very boring. Hiring a barman to serve your party guests will enable you to get lose and enjoy the party fully. Here are some other reasons that will drive you towards a barman for your next party.

    Benefits you can acquire by hiring a barman for your party

    Beverages serve as one of the major parts of today’s food court in a party. People enjoy having talks and gossips with each other while holding a flavorful glass of exotic cocktail in their hand. Having a barman for the party is the best way to get the right combination of various drinks according to the demands of your guests. Each one of your guests will have their choice of drinks thanks to the professional barman. So, no need for any guest to compromise with what you have anymore which is obviously not a good sign of a great party organizer.
    Hiring a barman may take some of your total party cost, but think of it in a different way. If you try to buy the booze yourself, chances of purchasing more than actually required are always high. And, it is obviously not a cost-effective step. If you hire a barman, you can get precise budget estimation about the drinks. The barman’s experience and knowledge will help you to purchase the right amount of boozes without any extra expenditure.
    Cleaning the mess after a cocktail party is no doubt a daunting task. When everyone including yourself is out of consciousness, it is really difficult to get the things cleaned up on the right time. The barman providing companies usually helps their clients from the beginning to the end. They will help you to set up perfectly on time before the party and clean up also after it’s over. So, one extra stress will be out your mind with a barman’s involvement.

    A company with professional barmen for your party
    Cocktails and Bar Events is one of the greatest companies of all time that you can contact to hire a barman for your next party. This company is serving all over the UK with its unique and exciting services since 2013. With a professional experience of more than 7 years, the mixologists and bartenders of this company have the potential to rock the mood of any party with their exotic cocktails and drinks. You can choose their service from their wide range of packages available on their website They provide their services for wedding ceremonies also. If you desire to learn about making tasty cocktails, you can join their classes also. To know more about their wide range of services and drinks, contact their experts today.


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  • Professional Mobile Bar Hire
    13/11/2017 - Cocktails and Bar Events 0 Comments
    Advantages of Hiring a Mobile Barman for a Personal Cocktail Party

    Nowadays, most of the people include a cocktail party in their big personal events like wedding, birthday, etc. Now, if you also want to include a cocktail party in any of your events, then the most important thing that you need to consider is whether you want your guests to prepare their drinks by themselves or hire a professional barman for it.

    If you want your guests to enjoy the fullest at the event, mobile barman hire could be the best thing that you can do for your event. In fact, most of the reputed companies that provide barman for the events have their own website. So, you don’t even need to step out from your home to find a barman for your event.
    A Barman Possesses proper Skill and Expertise
    What a barman does? It’s not just about making and serving the drinks, a skilled and professional barman also involves the guests into the event and they also draw the attention of the invitees and make them entertained. You can expect to have your drinks served by them the way you want.
    Best Way to Impress Your Guests
    When a person comes to a party, he always tries to enjoy the party to its full potential. Guests don’t try to take additional headaches of preparing drinks and foods on their own. So, you can certainly make them feel impressed by hiring a barman for preparing the drinks at the party.

    Finding the Best Barman to Hire
    Cocktails and Bar Events is one of the best places from where you can hire mobile barman for your personal as well as corporate events. The best way to contact them is through their website Once you hire the barman, you don’t need to take any kind of additional headaches. You can fully concentrate on enjoying your event with your guests. Visit their website to know more about their packages.


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  • Private Barman London
    22/07/2017 - Cocktails and Bar Events 0 Comments
    ​#London #Manchester #Birmingham #Leicester #BBC

    Classic Caipirinha cocktailA caipirinha is a traditional Brazilian cocktail that is made with a mix of muddled limes, sugar, crushed ice, and cachaca. Cachaca, pronounced cachaca, is a popular Brazilian sugar cane liquor, similar to rum and aguardiente. Caipirinhas are one of those drinks that are amazingly simple and easy to make, yet many restaurants/bars (outside of Brazil) tend to mess it up. Of course, when a cocktail is very simple, it does require good quality ingredients.

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  • Cocktail Bartender London
    19/06/2017 - Cocktails And Bar Events 0 Comments
    Kitchen Garden Gin & Tonic

    #London #Manchester #Birmingham #Leicester #BBC

    Kitchen Garden Gin & TonicToday is Gin & Tonic Day, a day that reminds us that summer is coming, and there is nothing better than a Gin & Tonic on a beautiful day. Nothing.But sometimes dinner prep conflicts with happy hour, and let's be real here, even the chef deserves a proper adult beverage! The Kitchen Garden Gin & Tonic is inspired by cooking itself, loaded with fresh herbs traditionally found in savoury recipes.This cocktail calls for Uncle Val's Botanical Gin, an aromatic gin distilled with Juniper, Cucumber, Lavender, Sage, and Lemon. Uncle Val's was inspired by Zio Valerio, a man who loved to cook Tuscan cuisine. For expressive gins such as Uncle Val's, I like to build flavours upon one another, using fresh herbs to accentuate the signature flavours.

    Cocktail Bar Hire London

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  • Hire a Barman London - Cocktail Bartender - Private Barman Hire
    17/06/2017 - Cocktails And Bar Events 0 Comments
    Pimm's Strawberry Sweet,

    #London #Manchester #Birmingham #Leicester #BBC

    The Perfect Pimm's Strawberry Sweet, juicy strawberry and tangy mint – it’s the classic combination brought together in The Perfect Pimm’s Strawberry. This delicious drink is served lengthened by gently fizzy lemonade over clinking cubes of ice: bring the British summertime into your glass!

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