About Cocktail and Bar Events

Since 2013, Cocktails and Bar Events have been providing unique and exciting services to events throughout the UK. Though we’re situated in Bracknell, Berkshire, we can travel to a location of your choice thanks to our fully mobile service. Backed by more than 7 years of experience, our cocktail mixologists and bartenders are on hand to supply you with great entertainment and fantastic drinks that are full of flavour.

Comprehensive Services

At Cocktails and Bar Events, we’re constantly expanding our range of cocktail recipes and styles. We’ve travelled around the UK to provide our skills and expertise. From giving that extra spark of excitement at private parties to supplying an attentive bar at corporate events, there is nothing our bartenders and mixologists can’t handle.

Impressive Solutions

From the very first steps of cocktail making through to sipping the last drop in the glass, we well in love with the world of mixology. We fell in love with getting to know the individual cocktails and what ingredients went into the mixing process! We also fell in love with the idea of getting to know people and talking to them. From this, Cocktails and Bar Events was established.

We pride ourselves on how amazing our cocktails are! We’re driven by passion and a love for what we do. And that’s how you know we’ll deliver on what we say we will – delicious drinks, quality entertainment, and first-class customer service.

CONTACT our cocktail mixologists to discover how we can make your event one to remember.