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    Classic Caipirinha cocktailA caipirinha is a traditional Brazilian cocktail that is made with a mix of muddled limes, sugar, crushed ice, and cachaca. Cachaca, pronounced cachaca, is a popular Brazilian sugar cane liquor, similar to rum and aguardiente. Caipirinhas are one of those drinks that are amazingly simple and easy to make, yet many restaurants/bars (outside of Brazil) tend to mess it up. Of course, when a cocktail is very simple, it does require good quality ingredients.

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    Kitchen Garden Gin & Tonic

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    Kitchen Garden Gin & TonicToday is Gin & Tonic Day, a day that reminds us that summer is coming, and there is nothing better than a Gin & Tonic on a beautiful day. Nothing.But sometimes dinner prep conflicts with happy hour, and let's be real here, even the chef deserves a proper adult beverage! The Kitchen Garden Gin & Tonic is inspired by cooking itself, loaded with fresh herbs traditionally found in savoury recipes.This cocktail calls for Uncle Val's Botanical Gin, an aromatic gin distilled with Juniper, Cucumber, Lavender, Sage, and Lemon. Uncle Val's was inspired by Zio Valerio, a man who loved to cook Tuscan cuisine. For expressive gins such as Uncle Val's, I like to build flavours upon one another, using fresh herbs to accentuate the signature flavours.

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    Pimm's Strawberry Sweet,

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    The Perfect Pimm's Strawberry Sweet, juicy strawberry and tangy mint – it’s the classic combination brought together in The Perfect Pimm’s Strawberry. This delicious drink is served lengthened by gently fizzy lemonade over clinking cubes of ice: bring the British summertime into your glass!

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